Twice each year, Spring and Fall,  the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Maine holds a general          meeting at which noted speakers discuss topics chosen to address and challenge how
we think about the world.  

Here are recent programs: 

  December, 2011:   Erik Jorgensen, Executive Director, Maine Humanities Council
   Education in an Age of Training: Why the Liberal Arts Still Matter

  May, 2012:   Selma Botman, PhD.
  Egypt: Past, Present and Future

  November 2012:   U.S District Court Judge D. Brock Hornby
  Law, Sacred Texts, Two Years Before the Mast and The Call of the Wild

  May, 2013:   Daniel Landry, MD
  This Time It Really Is Different --  Why Healthcare Reform Matters

   October, 2013:  Evan Carroll, AIA
   The Aging of Mainers and Their Buildings

    May, 2014:  Rob Montana, Editor, Brunswick Times Record
   The Future of Print Journalism

    May, 2015:  Alison Beyea, Maine ACLU, Edward Googins, South Portland Police Chief
    Criminal Justice Reform in Maine

    Fall, 2015:  Chris Trout, founder, Strengths in Focus
    What is leadership?

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